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    for beginner's or anyone interested

    I'm here to offer dedicated and motivated beginners a method to provide their, what will be talents, into something productive. The idea is that a group of beginners from a variety of computer areas:

    programming: c++, java, php, actionscript
    design: art, photostop, character modelling/animation, map making
    concept design: concept art and design, etc
    sound editing: music, voices, effects, etc

    come together to hone their skills. A group that becomes close knit and comfortable with sharing tips and helping each other
    and inevitably can use their skills developed to produce something of production quality.

    I myself am a beginner, dabbled a little in programming, but mainly 3d design.

    The only requirement I'm looking for is that each person has at least completed 1 tutorial in their area of choice. However, this isnt limited to beginners; intermediate and advanced users are welcome.
    The creation timeline is looking at, 1-3 months to gather the respective people. 2+ people per area so that they can help each other learn. 1-3 months for gathering ideas, deciding on what to design (game, web site, media). The rest will determine on how quickly each person is proceeding in their education.

    If I do get enough support here, enough people interested, I will be creating either a channel on IRC, or a forum, (and of course Instant Messengers) so that we can communicate as a group.

    For the meantime, please email if you're interested.

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    Unless you have a question, this should be in the General Discussion forum so that it can be ignored more effectively.
    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Ack, I'm sorry. If a moderator would like to move this threat to the general discussions section, I'm sure it would be appreciated by all. Again, my mistake.

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    Rule 13.

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