Thread: compiler/editor/ide debate

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    one bad thing about CodeWarrior ITS STRICT AS HECK no bad syntax escaping here man VC is SOO VERY LAX in its error checking IT COMPILES ANYTHTING!!!BLECH...

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    Thumbs down codewarrior has one conio file, it's in the MAC installation area though..

    I tried to use the one in the mac folder but it gave me tons of errors. Ahh I'll just stick to BCC55.

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    You will stick with Borland until it goes out of business in 2002 will ya?
    I compile code with:
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    DUH!!!!! use mac stuff on a windows platform thats what happens

    try HERE!!

    C:\Program Files\Metrowerks\CodeWarrior\MSL\MSL_C\MSL_Win32\I nclude

    look there its in there

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    No, It'd do something like let's say I wrote
    #include <stdio.
    then it'd put a few spaces there, then a closing > so that my thing looked like
    #include <stdio.  >
    then I'd put my sursor in there, and hit backspace, and it'd erase the '.', then I'd type it in again, and it'd kinda corrupt the 'o' so it looked sorta funny, then I'd type in the closing '>' and it'd put a nother there so now it looked like
    #include <stdi.   h>>
    hmm....I'll look under the options, I guess.
    Hmm...the compiler options don't work. It has something to do with the fact that the cursor is wayyyy off. If you're typing sometimes it looks like this
    I am typing                                |  <-cursor
    hmm....what an odd editor. I have some others that I jsut downlaoded, but none look all too much better. *grumbles* might just stick to making my own from now on.
    I put it in code so you could see all the spaces.
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    DJGPP, BC45 editor. that way i can have win explorer, ms-dos prompt (or the fake win32 one anyway, whatever...) and the editor all at the alt-tab. i don't think they are necesarily superior to any others, it's just want i use for my own purposes. i can't find another GUI induced editor, and i just cannot use text-based ones, too ucky...

    if ye have been around you know the reason i use DJGPP is the mem-access, and the DOS command-line compiler feel. i used to use BC45, but it's cmd-line only was conventional-memory induced... but the editor it had was and is still good for me. i have asked about new editors/compilers, to no avail unfortunately... well, bye!
    hasafraggin shizigishin oppashigger...

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    i use borland c++ builder 3, it does everything i need.

    >I tried to attach my screen shot but it's too big.
    Hmm, why dont you compress it (Winzip?)
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