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    Doing the mildly happy dance

    Well my C professor approached me yesterday during lab, it seems that a bunch of the students need the aid of a tutor but recently they lost the tutor for that course. He asked me if I was willing to do the tutoring for that course. I tell him I would and that I would talk to the LRC (learning resource center) people to find out what I need to do to become a tutor.

    Well today I go over and talk to the women in charge whom appeared to be expecting me (not me personally but a person to become a tutor for that course) because a bunch of people have been asking for a tutor.

    Turns out that I have to sign up for a tutor training course that I can take online concurrently while tutoring. Of course its a full 18 week course and we just started week 10. So now I have to play catchup in that class and can't do any tutoring till I finish the first 3 assignments.

    Luckily upon review the assignments look easy. Even better though is that the LRC pay's their tutors. Not sure how much though. I'm happy that I'm kinda being forced into getting the tutor training class out of the way since I kinda wanted to do some tutoring in the math tutor center after I finish calc 1.

    Oh well my brain is really tired so I figured I'd share

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    Good for you...

    I've been trying to do something similar to this ( even voluntarily ! ) for some time but my uni does not have any such opportunity

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    Nice. I'm still in highschool, but I've already been tutoring people in my calculus and algebra classes, as well as CS.
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    It'll probably be a little above min. wage. My roommate tutored in college and I'm really surprised at the stuff you have to go through to be a tutor. He only had to sit through a 4-hour course and that was mainly for how a tutor should act. He didn't have any assignments and didn't sit through the 4-hour thing until well after he started tutoring.

    And it helped his grades too (not that he needed it) because he did his homework when he wasn't helping someone.

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