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    i watched this video from ogrish . com where these chechyn rebels shot a russian in the arm, and then procedded to cut his head off. the real question is who cares about television when you have internet? that video sucked, it still haunts me, because i think it was actually real...that site is horrible

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    I guess censorship comes in many forms. In Germany ( and probably many parts of europe ) we have the exact opposite: nudity is used widely. Everywhere. To sell anything. I can understand a naked woman in the shower to sell shampoo, but a naked woman standing in front of a fridge selling margarine ? Come one now, I'm male, but I'm not that stupid. And thats on TV any time of the day, every day.
    On the other side, on prime time TV, we get cut versions of things like Bad Boys. I mean that's Will Smith with some action scenes, that's nothing you have to cut. But oh, no, don't expose people to that drop of blood over there.

    All in all I think censoring gore is better than censoring nudity, but I guess we could both use a little more balance in our censorships

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    we were discussing the janet jackson thing in class and I was on the side that said it was ridiculous to take it as far as they did. It may be inappropriate, but it's a tit! You sucked on one for the better part of a year! Get over it!
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