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Thread: Undergraduate CS Schools

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    Undergraduate CS Schools

    Hello.. I'm a senior in high school right now and I've applied to some colleges and heard back from some. Unfortunately, I was rejected by MIT (first choice). I applied to Carnegie Mellon, but I have yet to hear their decision. I've been accepted to the University of Washington and the University of Southern California.

    Has anybody heard anything about the computer science programs at these schools (excluding MIT). From what I've heard, Carnegie Mellon has a very good program, but I'm not sure about UW or USC. Any comments would be appreciated



    EDIT: Ok, I guess shouldn't have include CMU on the poll because it's obviously superior to the others. Anyways, does anyone have any thoughts or know anything about UW or USC? Like, what do degrees from those schools mean in the industry,etc? If I do get accepted to CMU, I'll definately go there (I like AI), but if I don't, I'd like to know which of the other two is better.. Thanks again
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    Well, my plan is to study aeronautical or mechanical engineering, so I didn't look too deeply into the CS departments at either USC or UW during my college search, but CMU's program is extremely good. It is one of the top in the country, so I wish you luck getting in.

    Out of curiosity, when do they send their admissions info? Is it April 1 like everyone else?

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    CMU has one of the BEST CS programs in the country.

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    CMU is top-notch, but its focus is very much on artificial intelligence. If that's not the area of CS you're interested in, perhaps CMU won't be best for you.

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    Have you looked into Berkeley?

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    Ya know what? School name recognition doesn't really mean much anymore. They'll look at it for 2 seconds, go "wow" and then move on to what you can do. Do yourself a favor: find a school that has a really good co-op program (Drexel, Kettering, etc.) and get some experience. 4 years spent in class and flipping burgers in the summer is going to get you no where.

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