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    take out music in mp3

    anyone know how to take mp3s and take out the music and leave the vocals. i know nero has a 'karayoke' thing it can do when u burn mp3s so it takes out the vocals but i want it the othr way around. anyone know anything?
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    It depends... if you're looking for a software approach I'm not quite sure what they have out there. But if you want a hardware approach, and the vocals are clearly higher in pitch than a certain note, or lower, you can filter out unwanted frequencies I suppose. Though, if you did this with a low-pass filter, you'd lose some of the harmonic content of the vocals. What are you trying to do?
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    goldwave has a vocal remover

    it basically subtracts one channel from the other, so if hte vocals are evenly applied it works well..but it also will subtract any instruments

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