Thread: Debian on my VAIO

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    Debian on my VAIO

    i was trying to install the latest version of Debian on my Sony VAIO GRT815M.. IT goes all fine and when the menu comes up to select the language the system hangs.. i tiied flags such as vge=772 or something etc etc.. but none seem to help.. iy hangs as sson as this menu is displayed...

    ANy solutions.. i was not able to find out anything regarding this on other sites..

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    this belongs on the tech board.

    ::calls cheez to fix things yet again::

    BTW: try Knoppix

    some entropy with that sink?

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    If I remember correctly, my VAIO has links to a VAIO help site on the start menu. I know it has the Tech support links there, but I'm not 100% sure about a VAIO sepcific one, but it's worth a look - try there as well.

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    hmm yea i tried sony tech support. got a reply from them which states that Sony does not suppor any other OS other than Windows XP.. and they also thanked me for understanding this

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    Maybe you could *cough* use Arch Linux *cough*

    This is a subliminal message telling you to use the best distro on the planet: Arch Linux

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