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    Red face echo command


    How can I create a text file by using dos commands?

    I am trying to use echo command such as
    echo Hello > test.txt
    echo Hi, how are you? >> test.txt

    But, the echo doesn't put any null terminator at the end of string.
    When I check the string length of each, it should be 5 for Hello.
    It is not, it become the length of buffer that read the line.

    Anyone, please give me a suggestion.

    Thank you.

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    Try this....

    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>

    using namespace std;

    ofstream output;

    //opens file 'file.txt' for writing to."file.txt");

    //writes information to the file 'file.txt'
    output << "Hello";

    //closes the output file 'file.txt'


    This should help (I hope)

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    echo Hello >> test.txt

    This works fine.
    I compile code with:
    Visual Studio.NET beta2

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