Thread: solution to old post bumping

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    solution to old post bumping

    I think I have a solution to the problem this board has been having of some people bumping 3 month old threads. set VB up to auto close threads whose activity has been zero for a period of time, say a month. If it isn't in the default VB, code your own module for it, or look for some( has put more work into their VB board coding wise than VB's developers have.)

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    You should email isnoop and get him to code it for us.

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    Instead just editing the PHP file not to allow posting on threads older tahn 3 months would be easier...

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    How about allow posting, but the thread is not bumped.

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    sometimes posting in an old thread is better than creating a new one... another way to do it is just write some vB code to move posts that haven't had any activitiy in a while to the 'a brief history' thread and close it... that way the board is cleaner...

    IMO, it's fine the way it is now...
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    however, you have some of the newer people to the board "forgetting" to read the faq and ending up revitalizing threads for no reason other than do an "ok lolzers..." type of post. I dont know how vB is setup, but one would assume it would be pretty easy to add to the
    if($userloggedin && $threaddate < 90)

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