Thread: Am i stupid?

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    Am i stupid?

    I find sometimes i code things and when i go over it at a later date, its almost like i have to start all over again. Does anyone esle get this or is it just me? I recently started coding in C and its just like "God i just did this, how come i can't do it by rote now?" Anyway, i just find it annoying and I was wondering if anyone had similiar situations?
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    it gets to a point where actually writing the code and worrying about syntax becomes trivial because it'll be just like speaking a native language or something. solving the problem becomes paramount. until then you just need enough practice programming to get good enough with it.

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    Re: Am i stupid?

    Originally posted by caroundw5h
    Am i stupid?

    more seriously, it used to be like that to me too, until I got a better understanding of the language... now it's pretty simple and straightforward...
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    well, I used to be like that, mainly the reason I skipped projects is that I did not have a firm grounding in the language and therefore would become totally stumped, or like you, would come back to not understand anything(now I have not programmed in opengl for a couple months due to testtaking etc., but I still remember how to code alot of the stuff). It now comes more natural to me after I have been reading lots of resources on C++.

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