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    computer bass speaker

    i saw this on my friends computer and it amplifies the bass from when you play music. his brother got it a while ago for him. i thoguht it was pretty cool i was thinking itd be cool to get one. he says he just called it the "bass" anyone know what im talking about, anyone know what is actually called or where i might find one?
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    This has to be one of the weirdest things I've read in a long time...

    It's called a subwoofer, or just woofer. It's generally just a stand alone cube that you can place wherever you want. You could pick up a new speaker set with a subwoofer for very cheap.

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    I agree with TravisS, on all accounts. A subwoofer is a pretty popular and common thing in audio.

    A computer is just another input for your receiver/preamp+amp combo IMO.
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