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    Education question

    Hey guys,
    I am debating on something and wanted to get a non-biased 3rd party's opinion.

    Here's the deal.. I am going to school for a BS in Computer Systems - C/C++ Programming Emphasis (basically a CS degree) and I'll be done with that in September of this year.

    I have heard from others that it is very helpful to obtain a Master of Science, as this will qualify you for IT mangement work better, as well as provide more job opportunities in general. With this in mind, I've thought about three choices:

    1) Stick with the Bachelor of Science
    2) Get a Masters from my existing, non-prestigous university. I've looked at their program for Masters classes and a lot of it is rehash. They have a Beginning C++ program in there for pete's sake.. a 500 level Beginning C++ class? Bah.
    3) Get a Master's from a far more prestigous university (in the case University of Washington). They have a Profressional Masters Program that they offer for people who work fulltime and are trying to get a masters. I'd meet the requirements for this per what I read on the site, provided I scored reasonably well on the GRE test.

    With these options before me, what way woud you go?

    For my career goal, I want to be a fulltime developer. Right now, I am a Software Engineer, but I do very little development and what development I do is in UNIX shell scripting mostly.

    Thanks for any input you may have.

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    If you are going to be done with another BS in september I'd say stick with it. Then if you want to pursue a MS go for it.

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    I guess I misworded that... I plan on completing my BS in September regardless of anything else.. I guess when I said "Sitck with the BS" in my first choice, I meant obtain my BS and go no further (i.e. do not pursue a master's from anywhere)..

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    >>non-biased 3rd party's opinion

    and you want to get it here ??

    some entropy with that sink?

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