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    Learn Java

    Yeah Im gonna be a junior in High school next year and i plan to take AP Comp Sci 2 because i have already finished 1. Unfortunately, computer science completely changed from c++ to java. So does anyone know where i can get some basic tutorials on java programming and the compiler, etc? thanks

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    ever heard of google?

    just in case you don't know hot to use google: look here

    some entropy with that sink?

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    Theres so many but i dont know which ones the best for a complete beginner

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    It wont be hard for you to learn Java. I learned it in a matter of days because it is so similar to C++.

    I suggest the book:

    The Complete Reference: Java 2 by Schildt. I think the latest one is the Fifth Edition. It is very good.

    And you can get it for only about $10 to $15 or so at Half Price Books!!!
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    The Deitel& Deitel: Programming in Java book is an excellent, all-over reference to the language, in my opinion.

    For a complete beginner the Arnow and Weiss: Intro to Programming using Java is superb, I believe.
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    Bruce Eckel has a free Java book at his website.

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