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    Full Sail....again

    Well I finally called them today to see about attending the school. The tuition was...well....rather high but it beats being stuck here fighting to earn 20K to 30K a year. So if everything comes through and I can somehow manage to drum up the cashola, part from Uncle Sam and part from...well...dunno, but I'll figure out something.

    The school looks awesome and the time frame is even better. It took me 4 years to earn my first degree so even if this takes me just over 1 year it is an improvement.

    Perhaps this is my ticket to getting into the games industry.

    I've realized that no matter how much I make or how little, for me, satisfaction comes from creativity and from programming. So yeah perhaps I'll hate coding for a living but until I actually get a job doing that I'll never know. I've been tossed to and fro from job to job recently and I realize that the reason is none of them were really what I wanted to do.

    As you guys know I'm all about games, games, and more games.

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    I came to US not knowing that such school existed, I went for a CS program in a university. When I found out about this school in my junior year, geee, I wish I could turn back the time. So, good for you.
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    I have a friend who went to and graduated from Full Sail. And yes it is very pricey, but it is also an awesome game development school.

    Pretty much the best in the nation. The professors and teachers are experienced game programmers, graphic developers, etc. My friend had some professor who was one of the designers of OpenGL.

    Are they offering full bachelors degrees yet? When my friend graduated they were only offering Associates Degrees but were in the process of getting approved to offer bachelors degrees.
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    From the looks of their site it appears they offer bachelor degrees.

    Hmmm wonder if my family would get upset if I moved away again....

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    im in fullsail now... i agree its a great school. its pricey, but for what they offer, its a good deal.

    when i first came here they didnt offer a bachelors though, and a lot of people said it wasn't a good choice because of that.

    first of all, a few months into the programming classes, i knew more about programming than a lot of comp sci graduates ( and i know this because there are a lot of people going here that already have degrees from other universities ). and now that fullsail offers a bachelors program, there is almost no reason for the game design interested person not to consider fullsail among their collage choices.
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