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    I think most of you are too young (and the wrong races) to have realy experienced racism.
    I think ALL of you would think differently if it was you being discriminated against.
    Don't be fooled racism exists still.

    >>Because using it infringes upon the rights of others more often than not. Plain and simple. I don't understand how you can't see that.<<

    Because I remember how it was, and see it lingering still.

    The referendum in Australia in 1967 where Aborigines were given citizenship (after they were given the vote in 1965).
    How in 1968 Aborigines were still not allowed to swim in the same pools, or sit in the good seats in the cinema.
    How they were taken from their parents and sent to mission schools. Their wages collected and kept from them. All in an attempt to wipe them out by 'assimilation'. How we treated the Aboriginal vets of WW1, WW2 and Vietnam makes my blood boil.

    I'm sorry for what we did to Aborigines, even if it was done with the best of intentions. I did not do it, but Aborigines are still affected now.

    Accept that we still need to discriminate to even the balance. Centuries of discrimination will not disappear in a few decades.
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    Originally posted by novacain

    Accept that we still need to discriminate to even the balance. Centuries of discrimination will not disappear in a few decades.

    I'm sorry for what we did to Aborigines, even if it was done with the best of intentions. I did not do it, but Aborigines are still affected now.

    Two wrongs never make a right.

    Doris Pilkington, in the book, Rabbit-Proof Fence writes of the oppression caused by a government agency that supported the horrific program of breeding the native blood out of aborigines.

    Time and time again, it is the professional do-gooders of the world, under the cover of "protecting the good of society", who use government coercion to cause more human suffering and misery than all the work of petty criminals combined. Who are you to think that you know what is best for other people and FORCE them to abide by your prescriptions? You are no different than those who thought they knew best by "helping" the aborigines.

    Why not work to undo injustices, compensate the injured, and work to restore what was wrongfully taken?

    Instead you must find new victims to punish for the misdeeds of former misguided government policies with ever new misguided policies!

    I don't subscribe to the faith that government will "even the balance" by launching new policies of discrimination, even if not as overtly rapeful as prior government policies.

    The solution every time is to stop the cycle of initiation of force by taking the guns out of the hands of dangerous elitist politicians and their minions who think they know how to manage the affairs of everybody else.

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    Who said life was fair?

    I think that is basically what this dicussion boils down to. It isn't fair that a person gets special treatment. I think people forget that there are many inequalities that the government tries to manage. They give preference to certain business to stimulate growth. They give grants if you live in a certain area. Incentives are given here and there for various things. The whole purpose is to encourage a specific trend. If you as a PRIVATE business didn't have special treatment then Huge coorporations in their right to do business could move into your area and monopoloize. Why do you think we have anit trust laws. To protect small business from the big sharks. It wouldn't be fair you couldn't compete with the big guys could you? Now if we didnt' have those special anti trust laws then we would have one big company that could keep out all the little companies. Not very fair is it. Not without those special incentives and protections. If you couldn't break into the marketplace how could you compete? You couldn't you eventually would be squashed and go out of business. If no one wanted to do business with you just because your a small businness and not some big corporation. Now that woulldn't be fair would it. Now if you were a crappy business and you sucked that is different but if the ONLY reason NO ONE would do businness with you is because your a small business wouldn't you think that is an unfair reason not to do business with you. Sort of a discrimination against small business. Wouldn't you want some sort of balance put in place so that you could break in and compete? You wouldn't be able to compete otherwise. You could still try to set up your business but with everyone discriminating against you just because your a small business you won't succeed. You could say that it is a kind of affirmative action for small business. Granted the big companies are not compelled to do business with you just because you are a small business. But if there were discrimintaion against small business I bet there would be a law compelling companies to do business with you, so that you could compete because that would be the only way to ensure that you could compete. Big companies are restricted in how they do business, in order to protect your right as a small business to do business. Now lets say those anit trust laws suddenly dissapeared. What do you think would happen? Congress is full of lobbists trying to convice congressmen that they deserve special treatment because blah blah blah isn't fair. This industry needs a tax break so we can make more money and stimulate the economy or we need to raise tarrifs on imports because our businesses are loosing money to foreign companies. This is just another balancing act because life isn't fair. Deal with it.
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