Thread: directory seperation... back/forward slashes...

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    directory seperation... back/forward slashes...

    i use \\ [escape sequence] to get a forward slash in a hardcode string... but then i see conventions as '/' in someone else's code... and i've also seen that when DJGPP reports a missing include header file... can you guys shed some light? thank you...
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    \ - donotes windows file sys

    \\ - denotes windows file sys in code (escape char)

    / - denotes url or *nix file sys

    Well in my experince anyway

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    have you tried using / as directory seperator
    in stead of \\
    it works in my old turbo c++ IDE havent tried it yet on vc++
    and its sure to work with djgpp as it is a gnu derivative and gnu is *nix based

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