Thread: Browsers that show a directory

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    Browsers that show a directory

    Are there any freely downloadable internet browsers that allow you to see like a directory listing off the files and folders for a website? I know that happens with IE if there's no index.* file available, but how can you force it?

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    You can't. It's controlled by server side configuration. If the web server doesn't want to give it, you ain't going to get it!
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    I think the ability to view the directorie's content is dependent on the webserver. Using opera I'm able to see my test server's directories but can't see the same info on my hosted server.

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    Like Hammer said, it's server side configuration (not necessarily the server type or anything). It also depends on whether or not a default file is found or not. Most webservers will display the listing if a "default file" (index.htm, index.html, default.htm, index.php, etc.) is not found.

    There are ways to write scripts that will display the listing, however... but not on a server you cannot place files on.

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    Btw, and I know that ober touched this subject. index.* isn't necessary. If you have a server then go into its config files you'll notice that you can set the default page name. If you want you could have it be something like my_journal_entry_16_date_04_02_2004.dll But just bear in mind that every directory will end up neading a file with that name. Additionally not all servers will look for a file necessarily, some will run a script.

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