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    I have been with Gentoo for about a year now. I recommend linux for anyone who is programming at all especially in c.

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    Originally posted by XSquared
    I found that it took 2-3 days to get Gentoo up and running with KDE and OpenOffice, going from stage 2.
    Some are faster than others. Some are also more picky about their working environment than others. I'm one of those who won't start working with a system until it's setup exactly they way they want it. In my case that included patching some apps....

    edit: Speaking of patches XSquared, I remember you mentioned Anjuta didn't really work for you, either. Now I'm not sure if you had the same problem I had (projects weren't created properly), but I submitted a patch to the Anjuta team which has already been applied and will be included in 1.2.2 and fix this issue. You should try it again then - that is, if that was your problem with Anjuta.
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    your code here....


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    I've never got Anjuta to work either. It looks like such an awesome IDE, but I can't get it to work. It makes me so mad!

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    what about Mandrake :'( or RedHat even, what happened to the popularity of those?? did i miss something?
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    Originally posted by DarkViper
    what about Mandrake :'( or RedHat even, what happened to the popularity of those?? did i miss something?
    Gentoo is the new hotness. Plus, it's easier to get laid when you tell girls you compiled your entire system from source.

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    Gentoo r0x0rz in your b0x0rz.

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