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    roller coaster

    That's what I feel like I'm on with this freakin site. I surf for a little... and sometimes it's super quick, and then the next time I hit refresh, it takes 2 minutes for it to reload... am I the only one seeing this?!

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    Yes, you are the one, the only who is seeing these things. Actually what are your system specs?
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    I really don't think it's me. I surf this one and another one that I know run off of the same server or at least from the same company. This one gets more traffic, but it seems like when this one is lagging, I flip over to the other one and it's doing fine.

    I guess that could be chalked up to the number of users... but it's not like there is a ton of users on here all the time.

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    Weird. I tried to access a couple of hours ago, and the site just hung. Whoa, 2 mins later up popped this site, but all the writing on the main page was blue, and it had 'more' links to different things.

    I refresh after a few mins is back to like it is now?
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    >>Weird. I tried to access a couple of hours ago, and the site just hung.

    I had that last night for about an hour or so.

    and yes Ober, sometimes it is way too slow...I'm not sure why though. Usually when someone is posing at the same time it hungs on me

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    haven't had any problems with cprog lately

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    It used to be slow, but recently it loads very fast.

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    Maybe in 50 years we'll become like Roswell, and we'll all be pawns in the, "CPROG incident", and our grandchildren will beg us to tell them stories about it. If not, someone owes me the last 30 seconds of my life back. Or was it 2 minutes?

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    It's been like that for me today, too.

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    yeah... earlier today and last night I've noticed a little slowdown... I was just guessing it was a server hiccup or something...
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    Cprog has been slower than usual for me as well. Then if I try to go to flashdaddee directly from rarely even loads. Not sure why and cannot come up with any kind of connection between cprog and flashdaddee that would cause that.

    Often I've found that the new IE will just hang w/o a status bar at the bottom and will leave you wondering....ok, what the heck is this thing doing? I'm on DSL and my dad is on cable at his house. Both of our IE's do does not seem to matter if your are plugged directly into the Internet or if you are going through a server. Often IE seems to get....well.....lost.

    Only explanation I can come up with, but it's quite aggravating.

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