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    Just curious

    I have seen so many hollywood movie. Especially in detective movies, and cops, I have seen they can magnify the photo. The last one I remember is BadBoysII. In BadBoysII, they magnify the photo with low resolution to see the car number plate. But when they magnify, some kind of software run and they can clearly read the car number plate. Which software could I use to magnify like that????

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    I don't think that is possible. It's one of those hollywood technology tricks.

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    Use photoshop...Not perfect but I think it does some enhancing when you enlarge images
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    actually it is possible, it just depends how the picture is taken.

    if the picture is taken with a digital camera in the first place, chances are it isn't possible, because digital pictures are pixel based.

    however, if you take a picture with a regular camera, you can blow the picture up to any size you want it and it wont lose quality because it is optical and not digital. therefore if the picture was initially optical, and they scanned it in at a large enough size, then it would be very possible.

    another possibility is vector graphics. vector graphics are computer graphics that are not pixel based, but based rather on vectors. they lose absolutely no quality when you enlarge them. Adobe Acrobat uses vector graphics as far as I know. That is why when you zoom in on an Adobe Acrobat document, it does not become pixelated. Therefore they could use vector graphics in these programs and not lose any quality when zooming in on a picture.
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