Thread: What are some good *free* compilers that include conio.h?

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    What are some good *free* compilers that include conio.h?

    I finally got back around to trying to program and am thinking about switching to a new compiler. It has become apparent that Bloodshed's compiler will not be of use in avoiding my biggest issue thus far (which I have finally found some solutions for) which has been a clunkiness in the interfaces created in my programs. Thanks in advance.
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    In case I forget, I use Bloodshed Dev C++ v.4

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    Here's a better solution. Find standard code that doesn't use conio.h.

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    you can download conio

    Personaly I like dev! Maby if you want to buy a compiler, other then that, gcc is the way to go.

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    you can download conio
    1) The link you gave is for a linux distrubtion so it doesn't have conio.h
    2) Downloading the header file without getting the associated library file does jack.

    Also Bloodshed does have conio.h but it doesn't have the extra's that Borland has. But if you want a compiler with that stuff Borland offer's a free compiler.

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    I use some of the headers there. And I use Windows / Dev. Never had library probablems before. Sourcefourge has a colection too but that isn't in my bookmarks.

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