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    A retired coder...........

    Sounds weird huh? How many of you have seen a retired programmer before? I mean I've seen retired generals, etc. But when have you ever heard of a retired programmer? What do they do after they retire? Do they still code? Do they just stop coding and just browse they net after they're old and stuff. I don't know for some it sounds weird to me. Input please.
    There are some real morons in this world please do not become one of them, do not become a victim of moronitis. PROGRAMMING IS THE FUTURE...THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!!!!!!!

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    All programmers so far have been killed in action. But even then it only serves to make them more powerful. Much like what happened with Obi Wan Kenobi.

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    " C programmers never die. They get cast into void. " -- just a random quote --

    Really, i have no idea

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    Quite a few people that retire from professional development go on to teach. I never met a professor that didn't have some level of professional experience. That's not exactly retirement of course, but it's retirement from the industry.

    One of my professors that I stay in touch with is about to retire from teaching, after having retired from the grind once before. He plans on moving up to his farm in Wisconsin and driving his new tractor around a lot.


    One thing I forgot to mention is that becoming a professional code monkey really sucked the joy of programming right out of me, and many programmers I work with. I'm only in my 20's, and the last thing I want to do is come home at night and code. Although, it has helped me to develop other computing interests, and push myself into new areas that I don't have a lot of expereince in. Hopefully, making myself more marketable in the process. Imagine how someone feels after spending decades in the industry, ::cough:: Adrian
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    >>He plans on moving up to his farm in Wisconsin and driving his new tractor around a lot
    that actually sounds like something I would want to retire to... I would just want to retire to a house in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors for miles and live only with my wife and ride a tractor just because I felt like it...

    but yeah, I'm a programmer, so after I'm done, I have get assimilated into my companie's mainframe and then get a memory/identity wipe... so oh well... sucks to be a coder, doesn't it?
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    Very interesting thread. The software industry is extremely young relative to most other industries. The only people I've known that were once programmers have been professors or teachers.

    I think spending some time in the business world and then fading away in academia isn't too bad of a life.

    "The computer programmer is a creator of universes for which he alone is responsible. Universes of virtually unlimited complexity can be created in the form of computer programs." -- Joseph Weizenbaum.

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    Originally posted by joshdick
    I think spending some time in the business world and then fading away in academia isn't too bad of a life.
    That's my plan.

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