Thread: Processro runnin at 5 Ghz

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    ohhh yeah I think those systems are cool, that's how they were able to calculate the newest mersenne prime! The numbers themselves were too large to be computed by a single computer.

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    that's how they were able to calculate the newest mersenne prime!
    lets see, prime95 which is a distributive computing application to find Mersenne primes is another example of something high speed computers are good for in tandem.

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    Originally posted by ober5861
    Umm... actually, I think I did mention that. That whole... (aka... equivalent) bit I put in there...yeah. That's why AMD switched to that naming convention. Intel had to ramp their clock speed up to make up for their pipe length which is at least twice that of AMD's.
    Ober, chill dude and look at who I quoted.

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    ahh... my bad d00der. Sorry

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    Well, I'm not going to jump into the AMD vs Intel thing on this (though I have seen many MANY wrong "facts"...)

    So back on topic. What Tom's did is nothing special at all. 5 GHz? So what, that was done a LONG time ago. The stupid thing is... where are the benchmarks? Without actually going back and looking at this again, it was stable enough to bench at something like 4.5 GHz... so why no results?

    This whole thing was a mistake, IMO, on Tom's part. It's old news to Intel fans and just gives AMD fans another reason to flame Tom's (like there's not already enough...).

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    Sorry vasanth, I'm going to let this sit here, since ZerOrDie has so graciously taken this chance to remind us what a moron he is.

    Cheez....I'd vote for you as President if you ran.

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    > it's called HL2, Doom3, SETI, and F@H.
    Actually, it's called MAME, which requires processor speeds which won't be out for probably another 4-5 years.

    Among a few other PCB kits, try emulating this in software mode, handling input output, and the whole list of functions a circuit board for a game system does, inside an operating system, only being able to be ran on one cpu in sotware mode due to accuracy. Cotton Boomerang 2 is lucky to hit 35% on my AMD 2000+. Sanfransisco Rush runs 30% on a 3ghz Pentium 4.

    Man, if I only liked PC games, building computers would be cheap and easy.

    > Cheez....I'd vote for you as President if you ran.
    ..made me laugh too.
    The world is waiting. I must leave you now.

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    Some hardware magazine overclocked an Athlon 64 FX to 3.2 GHz and it ran stable
    Mind you, they used a special motherboard which allowed an impressive multiplicator and compressor cooling to keep the CPU at -20°C.
    All the buzzt!

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