Thread: What is your typing speed?!?!?!?!

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    What is your typing speed?!?!?!?!

    Yeah, just go and then do English sentences, 2 min and see what speed you get. Heres mine

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    Your score: 408 keys per minute ~ 81 words per minute
    Language/mode: en
    Ranking: That was fast - you can still improve, though.
    Comparison: 18% of registered TyperA users using this language have typed a better result; 82% have a lower or equal result.

    I thought I was slower than this.

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    Whats more important is the error count really. I just got out of bed (watching myth busters) and checked the forum, followed first post link to this game. So i had no warm up for typing. 51 words per minute. The second try improved to 71, and the third I was back up to my usual 89wpm. It's kinda crazy to see the vast difference between practiced and unpracticed typing.

    3 spelling errors on 89wpm.
    (it should be realized my posts are all in a light hearted manner. And should not be taken offense to.)

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    Three errors
    70 wpm

    I'm content.

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    90 WPM!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    OMIGAWD!!!!! I MEAN!.... WOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    I'm getting a proxy error from that link

    EDIT:: now it works fine

    some entropy with that sink?

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    13 Wpm... In Finnish

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    I normally type like about 50 words per minute but I find this program hard to use. When you type a word and you hit the space bar, the word will be erased and I will have to continue typing until time is up. Because I'm visually impaired (meaning I have vision loss but no vision in my left eye), I use ZoomText -- a screen magnification software and screen reader for visually impaired users. When I try to use ZoomText along with the TypeA online program, there's one problem: ZoomText doesn't support Java. I just don't know why but ZoomText uses a special display driver (ZoomText Display Driver) that enlarges the screen so that visually impaired users can access the computer. I know I'm going far off-topic but I use ZoomText to access the Internet, do some typing in a word processor, doing computer programming, etc. and I normally type about 50 words per minute.
    View in Braille.

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    61 WPM. In all honesty that is a very poor typing test.
    -Once you hit the spacebard you couldn't go back and correct.
    -Words like yer and eh
    -Random sentences that kept them from flowing
    -Was only two minutes

    I usally type between 60 & 70 wpm with around 100% accuracy (because I correct the mistakes).

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    On that particular test I scored 74 WPM. I usually score about 85 WPM.

    My best typing test score ever was 91 WPM.

    This is a better typing test, by the way:
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    Last week, I took a typing test. 74 WPM...

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    68wpm, not bad considering I have never had a formal typing lesson in my life.

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    76 wpm on 2nd try.

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    Your score: 495 keys per minute ~ 99 words per minute
    Language/mode: en
    Ranking: Very fast.
    Comparison: 6% of registered TyperA users using this language have typed a better result; 94% have a lower or equal result.

    2nd try. I can do better though.
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    I suck. 49 WPM. I thought i was better. but you guys and you incredible speeds made me nervous.

    I'll be back

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