Thread: Spell checker poem.

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    Spell checker poem.

    Eye halve a spelling checker
    It came with my pea sea
    It plainly marcs four my revue
    Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.
    Eye strike a key and type a word
    And weight four it two say
    Weather eye am wrong oar write
    It shows me strait a weigh.
    As soon as a mist ache is maid
    It nose bee fore two long
    And eye can put the error rite
    It's rare lea ever wrong.
    Eye Have run this poem threw it
    I am shore your pleased two no
    Its letter perfect awl the weigh
    My checker tolled me sew.
    Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity unto the dream.

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    "Think not but that I know these things; or think
    I know them not: not therefore am I short
    Of knowing what I ought."
    -John Milton, Paradise Regained (1671)

    "Work hard and it might happen."

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    I've seen it before... it just makes me want to say "grammer check"

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    i have some problems with reading and half the time I was wondering where in the heck you were making the mistakes

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