Thread: Pascal vs. C

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    Pascal vs. C

    10 reasons why pascal is better than C:

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    Countdown until someone who can't take a joke posts and points out everything that's wrong with that list.

    5... 4... 3... 2...

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    >>Pascal has well-defined rules for Scope, while C appears to be using Listerine. This accounts for the medicine breath of many C programmers.

    I happen to be fond of that breath :P

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    I can't see how 10 is a Pascal advantage. Because it's dumbed down?????

    Sorry cheez, I just HAD to point that one out.

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    C is the ultimate language for computational promiscuity.
    Damn right! Wooo woooooo!! Promiscuous math!

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    Don't worry, Govtcheez, that list speaks for itself.
    Do not make direct eye contact with me.

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    7. C is used by liberal, Democratic, Mike Dukakis (maybe update to Howard Dean) types of programmers. Pascal is a favorite of the GOP. Hey, we know what the big language at Berkeley is, don't we?
    I can't fathom to think how this is a bad thing for C and a good thing for Pascal. Real radical hippi programmers use Brain.......... anyway.
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