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    funny things

    A very funny thing happened today in my computer technologies class. I got bored so I decided to make a game using a program called turing. I made a game like "Slime valleyball" on since the internet didn't work I copyed the file to one person's disk to another and they copyed to other disks. Eventually everyone was playing the game that I made. This person goes to another class and sells my game to every one there for $5 because they also had no internet. Then this other class goes and "pirates" my game and gives it to another class. Now I have about 3 computer classes or classes that have computers playing my game and some one else taking my credit.

    I've been laughing so hard at this. Students will waste so much money just to keep them occupied. I thought I would post this on this forum. Anything happen to you that is funny?
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    Man, I wish I was a moderator right now to delete your idiotic, rule-breaking, pointless babbling.

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    Ahhh... Good games. Oh yeah, that was funny

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