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    Unhappy Concerning my Laptop...

    Hey all,

    I own a Toshiba Satellite 2410-303 laptop which I bought around 2 years ago(actually 1 year and odd).

    It seems Toshiba has discontinued my model.

    Now problem starts with driver support. I absolutely searched all over to get some updates for the graphics card drivers in relation to the new directx 9 so that I may if not great at least run well the newer games. The graphics card that comes with this model is the GEFORCE4 420 GO. Even toshiba sites offer updates that are at least a year old. Dont laptop manufacturers keep service updates for their older models?

    If somebody could find out something in relation to my problem either in the form of some information or some drivers, it would be great.

    I guess there will be some people in this forum who happen to work for Toshiba driver support or somethin who could help me out.

    Anyways your suggestions are welcome..

    Thanks Again and hey HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL..

    awaiting some helpful replies...

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    Hi everyone,
    Welcome my house mate Akhil to the board....
    (hmm.... when do I form this Welcoming committee)..

    And do i get some commision from cprog for introducing a new member...

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    I hope they do. I only bought my laptop about five months ago, and I plan on keeping it for a long time. It's outrageous that they don't provide driver updates after less than two years, though.
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    hmm... weird. can't believe there isn't a later update for it. have you tried nvidia's site for a driver update?

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    Originally posted by alpha
    hmm... weird. can't believe there isn't a later update for it. have you tried nvidia's site for a driver update?
    NOTE: GeForce2 Go, GeForce4 Go and GeForce FX Go mobile processors are not supported in this driver. Please contact the notebook's manufacturer for graphics drivers for your notebook PC.
    That was the first thing I checked too

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    I have the same card on a toshiba satellite pro 6100. I would think that nvidia would have updated drivers for it...

    I haven't checked tho.

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    Yeah well i checked NVIDIA site and Toshiba Support site before posting...

    The manufacturer is supposed to release the updates for notebook computers, the drivers are to be supplied by the nvidia group to the manufacturers.

    Anyways waitin for some updates badly...or seriously will suffer playin some new directx 9 supported games CALL OF DUTY, PRINCE OF PERSIA SANDS OF TIME and so on ....

    anyways if anyone finds out..pls let me know

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