Thread: Between 2 books

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    Between 2 books

    I'm looking at these two books. Which should I get....I'm leaning towards "OpenGL Game Programming".

    OpenGL Game Programming w/CD
    OpenGL SuperBible, Second Edition (2nd Edition)
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    I recommend OpenGL: Game Programming if you are just starting with OpenGL.

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    I ordered the superbible and I was disappointed. Not only does it teach you very little in a haphazard manner, it uses void main frequently and I was forced to throw it into a fire.

    So I would recommend option #1, at least the author knows what he's talking about.

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    LaMothe > most other authors

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    im seeing all this slam against void main(). Ive never used it, can someone explain to me why its so bad? sorry to get off topic or anything, but im just starting to get curious,
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    Good....everyone leans toward the one I got .
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