Thread: cost of living on your own?

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    In australia:

    Beer: $160 (Approx $20 for half a carton, 2 nights a week, or a full carton for the weekend).
    Rent: $200 (Housing trust houses, they're crap but you can make them look half decent if you work hard enough).
    Food: $100 (Only used to sobre yourself up after a night drinking).
    Utilities (trash, water, sewer): Free at housing trust houses
    Cable + net: $10,000 (australian broadband is so crap!)
    Gas/Car maintenance: In my town everythings walking distance anyway.

    And 2 people together can easily get that much on the dole. Except the broadband costs (but in Australia, even a millionare probably couldn't afford decent broadband :P)

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    the perks of living at home:

    Rent: $0
    Utilities (trash, water, sewer): $0
    Cable + net: $0
    Cellphones: $0
    Insurance: $0
    Gas/Car maintenance: $0
    College Loans: $0
    Car Loans: $0
    Food: $0

    gotta love you mom, dad

    Although I have to add that I also get allowance so that puts me in positive numbers
    "Think not but that I know these things; or think
    I know them not: not therefore am I short
    Of knowing what I ought."
    -John Milton, Paradise Regained (1671)

    "Work hard and it might happen."

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    My parents pay for everything as well.

    My dad makes something like 9$ an hour and doesnt work but normal hours. Yet 3 kids + my dad and we live in a house and eat well, pay for an MMO game. Have 2 computers, broadband and all the goodies.

    I cannot do much for myself though. I can't work because my dad won't let me walk/ride my bike to work in the winter in MN and I cannot drive becuase I have no money for lessons and a car, insurance and gas.

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    I would sure hope your dad makes more than $9 / hour. I make $8 / hour and that's the first job I've ever had....

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    Dude, how could you pay for 3 kids and an adult living, MMO fees, 2 computers, and broadband on $9? What country are you from? My Dad makes about $14, and my mom makes just over minimum wage, and we are hurting for money with two adults and two kids, one in college. We have one computer with broadband access. There are two other computers, but one of them came out of my pocket, and the other came out of my brother's.

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