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    Talking Hi People ...

    Hi ...

    Iam the Newest member of this Board.... Wishing u all a Happy new Year....

    Well, currently I am working on a project which is titled as File Manager for DOS. It has been really painful experience that in dos you don't have a GUI Based File Manager, which really kills some time... This inspired me to Create the File Manager for DOS...

    After a heck of research... 4m the help files of Turbo C++, I finally found the requisite techniques....

    This being my second biggest project....

    Hoping to get a success here ...

    Just b Crazy abt Life and Programming.....

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    Hello and welcome.

    Anyone remember dosshell? I cant remember exactly but I'm pretty sure it came with dos 6.0.
    "There's always another way"
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    Re: Hi People ...

    Hi arvind,
    You seem to be from India.. Welcome to the baord..
    (I might form an Indian members welcoming comitee soon)...

    I dont know why academics, colleges etc etc are still stuck with Turbo C/C++ v3.0 to teach their students C/C++..

    I too was thought using this ancient compiler.. People everywhere in India seem to use this compiler to lear programming... strange...

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