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    Originally posted by thefroggy
    > Procedural C is generally much faster than OO C++.
    This is usually true. But it also usually has to do more with design than the language itself. The problem with OO C++ is that people get used to the "ease" of objects and start passing the things around by value. If you're constantly invoking copy constructors and making multiple temporaries with every function call, it's going to 1) quickly fragment your heap (if your object has dynamically allocated members), and 2) destroy any chance of cache hits.

    Just as there is an art to coding efficient C, there is an art to coding efficient C++. C programmers have just had longer to refine it.
    Quite true. It is probably easier to design a faster procedural program, but your right that it is quite possible to write a well written and fast object-oriented program.

    Silvercord... Of course object-oriented programs/libraries are not always that great. A lot of it has to do with the design. It is just as possible to poorly design a procedural program/library as it is an object-oriented one. The initial design may be a bit easier with procedural, and there may be fewer design considerations, but that says nothing against OO design.

    Zakk, I think Ken may have been referring to a comment that I made.
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    Originally posted by ZakkWylde969
    Err. Thick to get through to I see. I was talking about Linux. Linux was totally rewritten when Dennis Ritchie came up with the C language. 80% of the programs I have seen, are written in C (For Linux, See the talking about Linux pattern?) You are making this a bigger deal than it is. C has tons of support from the Linux society, it has been called the most used language before. Just stop being a prick about everything.

    And it's Zakk.

    Z A K K

    Spell it right for once.
    How are YOU this thick? I was talking about Linux too, chodeface.

    What I was saying was no matter WHAT the operating system, there's no "official" language because all languages work well. C and C++ are used most prevelantly in Linux because they're very popular languages. Actually, you made me lose track. I don't care what you think the "official" language is, what I was saying is that you're a gigantic idiot for using C because "it's the official language of Linux".

    Oh, and when I said "ZACH" I meant "ZACH" not you, you idiot.

    edit: And anyway, your history is waayyy off. Linux was not first written in some other language and then magically ported to C, because Linux was created in 1991. Guess when Bell churned out C? I'll give you a hint - way before your stupid ass was born!
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    Who the hell cares what language a program is written in? It all turns into basically the same thing, anyway.
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    C because "it's the official language of Linux".
    correct Ken, that is like using VB on windows cause that is what Microsoft is currently holding as the official language(not exactly, but pretty close).

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