Thanks for all the replies. The people here are really helpful and nice.

I would assume that a CS student would be required to take at least 4 semesters of programming languages. Maybe 2 semesters of C++, and 2 more semesters with emphisis on specific topics (Graphics, Windows, Databases, etc.), or 2 semesters of another language.
Well, there is the 1st intro to C++ class, that's where I learned up to pointers. The 2nd intro course was on Databases and ADT, but that was the course that I had that horrible professor that they transferred later.

Now the rest of the courses just teach theory. There isn't any C++ anymore.

I'll try coding with working on one function at a time, checking each one if they accept/return correctly, and if they do their job correctly before doing the next function from now on. Right now it takes me a lot of hours just for 1 short program.

I'll also go ask the career placement center about what jobs the latest graduates in CS got to see what kind of jobs they are getting, maybe it will alievate some of my fears.

As for my CS adivsers, I've given up on them. I couldn't believe it, when I asked them and they said they aren't CS majors.