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    A+ Cert

    Where I work, they're offering a free A+ prep course. Right now, I'm 17, and I was wondering if I should bother trying for my A+ now, or if I should wait longer before I go for it.
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    Why not? Doesn't seem like it should be that hard.

    Oh, and just for kicks, I was just reading about A+ certifcation at a website, and I thought I would post what the website said and my response to it:

    A+ Certification Website: Many companies require A+ certification of their new hires, and for many others A+ will be what makes your resume stand out from the competition. Even if your line of work isn't directly related, you'll benefit from this kind of knowledge. A programmer who is helpless in the face of a blue screen, waiting for a tech who is busy elsewhere, is a nonproductive programmer.

    David's response: A programmer who is helpless in the face of a blue screen shouldn't have ever been allowed near a computer in the first place. He is a disgrace to society. Programmers are the elite of the elite. They aren't just computer technicians, IT people, or computer hobbyists. Programmers should be able to do it all. So if a programmer is helpless in the face of a blue screen, he should be shot.
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    You may not know what to do if you're a Microsoft programmer. I don't see how a team can be so umproductive, yet make so much money. It must be the marketing people at M$. I don't think the programmers are really that bad at programming.

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    Nice David. Personally, I don't think you need all these stupid certifications to get into a job. Few companies will require such a thing and most that do aren't looking for anything else, and hence it won't be that great of a job. If you can't get a job because of your own merit, then your better off to get some more experience and prove yourself than go get a certification.

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    Whether you take the test or not, I'm sure you stand to learn something from the prep course. The test is hellishly expensive and difficult, or so I've heard. It's my believe that this could only help you. Just my two cents, though.

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    The test is by far the easiest I've ever taken - it was not even challenging. I got certified last year and A+ has nothing to do with programming.

    If you take the test, take the adaptive one.

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