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Thread: For all you b.s. majors, the importance of liberal arts

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    I definitely don't think there's anything wrong with a BA, I think probably a lot of the computer programming jobs out there don't even make use of heavy science and mathematics, and it's unreasonable and unfair to force courses like multivariable calculus onto people that just want to take computer science.

    EDIT: although I personally like complicated mathematics

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    >> although I personally like complicated mathematics
    I have a friend doing a double degree at Waterloo, Honours Applied Mathematics and Honours Pure Mathematics. He's nuts.
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    >Hell, I had 12 in my last term alone.

    A well planned out four year degree I'd say, considering that I enjoy humanities coursework, and would try hardest to fit in those breadth, er "GE" as I guess most would call it, courses whereever I could, as spread as I could.

    >you're doing humanity enough of a favor by making stuff work, so what's with the hippie stuff?

    Well that's a rather unfair generalization right there, regarding the hippy stuff hm? While I agree completely and could not have put it better that we are doing humanity a favor, I do hold that those courses as has been mentioned are there to make sure your degree is rather well rounded. Also I like to take the approach to that coursework as a nice change of pace so far as technical and non-technical goes. Frankly electives are so diverse in topic and to a lesser extent their pedagogy that I don't see who would not enjoy them. But then here we are...
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