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    Yeah I know its rare but there's pretty much no chance of surviving if you do get it...And generally those who die of the flu are either very old or very young. I can also get a flu shot to reduce my risk of getting it

    I have to agree with you on some level though...Just consider how many people died from the flu pandemic in 1918 or whenever that was
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    If there is ever an epidemic of some horrible disease, JaWiB will be the first one to get it and die

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    Originally posted by JaWiB
    Whoa, I didn't say I wasn't eating steak...You can have my McDonald's cheeseburger though

    i really doubt that there is any beef in a McDonald's burger

    but the whole scare is ridiculus. For the upside for me, as long as all this beef will be on the shelves it will go down in price...and I eat a lot of beef!!!

    Hey BMJ...I'm geting half of that steak!

    some entropy with that sink?

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    If any BSE is circulating in US cattle, US consumers may be at risk. The brain and spinal cord, which harbour most of the infection, are not removed from most cattle on slaughter. US studies revealed in 2002, that 35 per cent of mechanically recovered meat - the bits sluiced off carcasses and used to make processed meats such as hot dogs - contain such tissue.
    Cattle blood is also permitted in calf feeds in the US
    Cattle remains are still permitted in feed for chickens and pigs.
    The US meat industry is resisting the banning of crippled cattle from human food

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