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    Unhappy visa ! help!

    i have one important questtion need to be answered.
    pls do help me
    i apply for a visa. here is one question that i can't answered
    hope u can help me.
    urgent one!!!

    10. COUNTRY OF ELIGIBILITY IF THE APPLICANT’S NATIVE COUNTRY IS DIFFERENT FROM COUNTRY OF BIRTH - If the applicant is claiming nativity in a country other than his/her place of birth, this information must be submitted on the entry. If an applicant is claiming nativity through spouse or parent, please indicate this on the entry.

    let say that i'm from singapore and born in there.
    do i have to answer the question up there or skip?
    pls help me.

    u can go to the website and see the application form the 10th questio. Thanks... really important
    hear from u guys soon! take care@

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    You already ask this same damn question. Don't you read the posts?

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