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    Windows 2003 Server

    I got a 180day trial of it, with it's huge 1000page+ book.
    I'm on my old 400Mhz Pentium II though, it there anything I could do with the cd that might be useful? I never used one of the non-home (sever) editions before.

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    I'm also running a 180-day trial of Win2003, and I must say I am really impressed with it.

    JUST DONT CHANGE YOUR CLOCK too much or you'll be locked out (it might think your trying to extend the trial, I got locked out because I set it to 2002 because of another program that demanded to be upgraded and I didn't want to).

    I use it as a workstation, which is probably a bit silly since its meant to be a server. I also do a lot of web stuff though so having IIS 6.0 on it is really good. Maybe you could make it a web server if you have broadband?

    Edit - I never got a book with mine though it just came in a DVD type cover and some small 50 page book I didn't even bother reading.

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