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    D Programming Language

    I read about a programming language called D. It adds some interesting things to C. The compiler for it is terrible ATM, it's still in beta stages. You can read about it at

    I was just wondering what you guys think about it. I'm not saying it will replace C or any crap like that, but I think it is very nice, and if they had a better compiler and there was more resources for it, I would switch over to it.

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    It's been around for quite a few years, or at least in theory. I am pretty sure there were some threads around here on it, or maybe that's one of the other 15 programming forums I spend time on (been a long day), but Golf took a swing at in this thread. (get it? golf ... swing) <insert corny laugh here>

    EDIT: P.S No one bump that thread!

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    Yeah i tried D once...hated it, the compiler does blow, and it's been in beta stages for years, I don't think anyone is even contributing to it...i don't even know if digitalmars is doing anything with it.
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