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    Originally posted by Kinasz
    Is that it? I just downloaded 2.6 ( 56k only to 1hr 15 and i was doing other stuff ), do i need to get modules as well?. Couldnt find anything on making kernel at LDP.
    Only for stuff not included in the source.
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    FreeBSD 5.2 Release Candidate 1 is out! RC2 is coming out pretty soon too!

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    Originally posted by -KEN-
    The kernel isn't a very big download, and most distros won't come out with a 2.6 version until their next cycle. Gentoo will probably come out with one soon, but they'll probably be the first for a while.

    Just download the kernel, compile it, move it to /boot, and stop
    Debian Sid has 2.6 out already :-)
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    are there any new kernel tools (like modprobe) that need to be upgraded for 2.6 like there was back from 2.2 to 2.4?

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