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Thread: How old are you?

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    Its not rocket science vasanth's Avatar
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    Jan 2002
    20 now.. started C when i was 18 or 19.. BASIC wehn i was 15...

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    The Defective GRAPE Lurker's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    Started with Javascript at 9, quickly moved on to more advanced languages, and now I know way too many .
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    Jun 2003
    15. Started BASIC at 13, moved to C++ at 14, and learned HTML, Javascript and learning Perl as of now.
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    Registered User
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    Dec 2003
    20 now, learned C when I was 17 I think then I learned a bit of vb then a bit of win32asm. I enjoy asm the most but I think I need to learn more about planning programs and designing algorithms so I got deitels c++ how to program but as soon as I'm done with it I'm going back to asm

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    Board Conservative UnregdRegd's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    J'ai 19 ans. I started learning C++ when I was 13, and I first started programming before I was 1 when I was using a primitive language called BabyTalk to message simple commands to parent processes.

    I could never be bothered to properly learn BASIC before, but now I have a sudden urge to write a simple QBasic-like BASIC interpreter in C++ and Gtk+ maybe.
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    Registered User linuxdude's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    15 started about 1 1/2 years ago. Tried to learn JavaScript but it just sucks. I figured prelude would be a 10 year old hacker prodigy

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    Jan 2003
    17, started when i was 15.

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    Skunkmeister Stoned_Coder's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    will be 33 in couple of weeks. started programming sometime around 1980ish when zx81 and zx spectrum first came out. started with sinclair basic before moving onto z80 asm, then from there moved onto bbc model b's and acorn basic and 6502 asm. Shortly after that started learning c then got hold of a c++ compiler and started with c++. Been using mainly c++ for about 14 years now.Occaisionally use x86 asm,delphi,ada and smalltalk.
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    Jan 2003
    Originally posted by Stoned_Coder
    will be 33 in couple of weeks.
    you're going to die soon

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    Registered User major_small's Avatar
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    May 2003
    18 now... wrote my first program (C++, because that html/visual BASIC stuff doesn't count) at 16... I still haven't decided wether programming or sex gets the higher IRQ...
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    i want wookie cookies the Wookie's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    how about sex while programming..hmm...

    17 now, started when i was 12 (or 13, can't exactly remember)

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    Just one more wrong move. -KEN-'s Avatar
    Join Date
    Aug 2001
    17. Started around 12 or 13 with QBASIC, moved directly from there to C (my what a jump that was. I've probably still got jetlag), then moved onto C++ around 15 or 16. Now I just don't know. Still doing C++, want to learn some perl, get deeper into C#, learn Java, go back and refresh some much time, so much to learn .

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    Super Moderator VirtualAce's Avatar
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    Aug 2001

    Started coding in cartridge BASIC version J1.00 on an 8088 running at 4.77 MHz CPU in 1981 - I was 7 years old. Used DEBUG to assemble and disassemble code from DOS 2.10. Started coding in C at about age 11 - Turbo C++ 1.0, got serious at age 15, and then learned assembly in college - self taught through books and Intel ref. manuals and programming manuals. Have been working extensively now on protected mode C/C++ and assembly - have learned a bit of Java, just enough to know I don't like it. Also have a good grasp on Visual Basic and don't care for it because it's objects...well...suck. Future plans are to learn HLA and take a stab at writing a complete 32-bit OS. Also would love to get into video game programming or low level hardware programming - have some things cooking in these areas right now.

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    Registered User
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    Feb 2002
    i think i am the latest starter of the bunch...

    i grew up without even considering programming as a field of interest. i started out wanting to be a physicist, and took about two years of college under that major. i had to take a programming class as part of my degree, and the class taught java. i hated it and skipped nearly every class.

    a year or so later i got a job as a computer tech and my boss wanted me to learn some programming. he's an expert of sorts on a proprietary language used in low level business accounting and inventory software ( ProvideX/BVX ). i figured i would learn a more commonly used language along with it and picked up a couple C++ books. been doing it ever since.

    age now: 21. first program written: late 19, early 20.
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    A Banana Yoshi's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
    18 and 14 days.

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