Hi. I'm looking for a forum software which uses ASP.net and supports Access. I don't want an installation package as some of the forum software that were packaged into an installation program requires IIS 5 but I have Windows XP and doesn't support IIS 5. I have Visual C# .net and want to put the forum files into one forum project so that I can upload the forum using Visual C#. My web hosting provider doesn't have support for SQL.

If anybody know of a forum software that have a support for C#, ASP.net and that uses Access database, then I would like to appreciate it. Otherwise I will have to upgrade to Windows XP just to have IIS and so that if a program requires me to have IIS even though the web hosting provider already have IIS installed in their web server, then I can just upload the forum software over the Internet and work with it using Visual C# .net.