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    floating point unit programming problem

    I'm bored, no school today, so I'm learning how to do assembly with the floating point unit instruction set. I'm trying to normalize a vector, but I cannot access the vector's x,y,or z components, instead i've got to copy to a local variable. Any way around doing that? Here's the code (with comments)

    void	Vector3::Normalize()
    #if	1
    	float	basic = x*x + y*y + z*z;
    			FLD	basic; //Put basic length into st(0)
    			FSQRT;		//Put SQUARE ROOT of basic into st(0)
    			FSTP basic; //Store square root of basic into memory address of basic, pop stack
    		if(basic>.0001) //won't ever be exactly zero
    			//Can't seem to access this->x,y,or z
    			float	x1 = x;
    			float	y1 = y;
    			float	z1 = z;
    				FLD	x1;			//Load into FPU stack element zero
    				FDIV	basic;	//divide by length
    				FSTP	x1;		//store in x1 and pop stack 
    				FLD	y1;
    				FDIV	basic;
    				FSTP	y1;
    				FLD z1;
    				FDIV	basic;
    				FSTP	z1;
    			x =	x1;
    			y = y1;
    			z = z1;
    	float	magnitude = sqrt( (x * x) + (y * y) + (z * z) );
    		x /= magnitude;
    		y /= magnitude;
    		z /= magnitude;
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