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    logical progression of scenario

    Ok, picture this scenario:

    Child does something minor, and is punished by grounding for long-term. So, on the weekend, the child goes out with his friends despite his parents grounding the kid. He gets home, his parents say "You're grounded next week again since you went out." But grounding won't do anything, because the kid will go out again. So despite grounding time, the kid just keeps going out with his friends and stuff.

    What would you predict to happen next? Can the parent call the police and report the kid missing, and have them brought home? What could they do?


    Do I have anything to fear from my parents in telling them I'm quitting my sport even though they said 'they're going to force me to keep swimming'. If I just say "I'm stopping," they'll be like "no you aren't". I'll just make it clear I'm not. I mean, I don't have to fear anything physical right? Otherwise that's abuse right? I'm ready for punishments etc, but they can't hit me or anything right?
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    Start taking away his stuff or give up. Usually I do that to my parents. They just give up.
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    Can the parent call the police and report the kid missing,
    Yes, this goes double if the minor is out after curfew (you'd be surprised how many cities have curfews). I've also heard of a minor being picked up and being held overnight.

    And it reality violating the punishment shows a considerable lack of maturity.

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    Originally posted by ZakkWylde969
    Start taking away his stuff or give up. Usually I do that to my parents. They just give up.
    well then you have some really weak wonder you have such problems that we have been hearing let me recall the last few: hrown out of school for pot, taking unknown drugs, drinking....

    seriously though, my parents were pretty strict when I was in high school, but as long as I was up front and truthful with them I could have done whatever I wanted. It got to the point that when I told my dad I will drink he either picked me up or told me to sleep there. If you are honest with your parents they will have a lot of respect for you.

    Leeman, don't quit dude....I read your previous posts and it looks like you just want to rebel against something....stick with it, and everything, including the situation with your parents will be all good.

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