Thread: why do game devolpers make you use the disc???

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    it takes a crapload of money to develop a game
    It takes a crapload of money to develop an engine. Then a whole bunch of other people wack skins on it, different levels and call it a new game. Also a new $100 if you want to play it.

    Maybe if the games were cheaper they would sell more and make more money. If all the new release games were $25 I would never waste my time pirating anything.

    PS: Yes... Free software is great!
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    Well I feel like I am in a class on Economics: The affects of piracy

    But I also concur.

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    >>It used to be worse. Games on floppies had to be validated by looking for a word or picture on a differing page in the manual each time they started

    Same same, that should be reinstated, I suppose it would be effective. Then again, I can only imagine pdf files of manuals being spread around, and I guess they would come online anyway at customer support.

    >Same issue with music cds- the companies have probably found the right price where the ratio of money from sales to pirated copies is best... so prices will probably stay the same unless people stop pirating *first* (did that make sense)?

    I agree. I find it is much more satisfying actually owning the CD, or record, or tape in that case than having a few megs for the mp3s. And anyway I don't think it's fair at all to artists.

    Oh, and David, I tried your VSA site and it did not go through. Having tried thinking it is Vietnamese Student Association (like it is at UCI), perhaps I am most likely wrong? =) Let me know, hehe...
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    Anti-Piracy mostly
    Which 'a Huh?

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    I disagree. If you worked hard for 2 or 3 years on a game, would you want people to distribute it for free, and you not make money for your efforts?
    This was a while ago, but I have something to say. I think all software should be distributed open source.
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    I think all software should be distributed open source
    Open source and free are not the same thing. Open source software is still protected by copyright law and can not be distributed without consent from the author(s). Even freeware can be limited in how it is distributed.

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    I think all software should be distributed open source.
    As do I; however, if the industry didn't exist, there wouldn't be as much software out there. Most of what I use is free, but you got to realize that most free games are utter crap. There aren't many free games worth installing to your HDD.

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    Originally posted by Kinasz
    ah ok, well from now on everyone stop pirating stuff!

    well that was an easy solution, prices should start dropping in about a week.

    Im convinced if everyone stopped pirating, prices would go up, because there is no alternate way to get the medium but to pay whatever is asked.
    Not necessarily - this might apply to software developers like Microsoft. However, developers for applications like Photoshop and 3DSMAX that get most of their money out of commercial buyers would still end up charging the same, because companies can't afford to take the risk of pirating software anymore, the fines are just too great; its mainly the little people that pirate now. Also, game developers wouldnt do that because they generally seem to not be $$$$$$$s like a lot of other people in the software industry. Sure, some of the distributors like EA are pretty moronic, but if they tried to make the prices too much the game developers would simply refuse to work with them. I think... :P

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