Thread: Do you sleep walk?

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    Post Do you sleep walk?

    Hi, my roommate told me that I started sleep walking once when I started living with him. This came as quite a shock to me. I decided to set up a video camera, and discovered that he was right. So I'm curious, how many of you sleep walk? Is this normal, or am I losing my mind?

    So: Do you sleep walk?

    Edit: I decided not to make a traditional poll because I want to read all of your responses individually. I thought it would be more fun this way. It is a nice change from a society where we are all considered numbers.
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    No. My completely uneducated guess is that it's not too common and that only a small portion of people sleepwalk. Six percent sounds like an accurate enough figure in my mind.

    Anyway, did you notice yourself doing anything interesting sleepwalking?
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    I did last night, as a matter of fact.

    I once sleepwalked and woke up in my garage.

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    Only once, that I know of...When I was little I got out of bed and went into the hallway...Well at least that's what my parents told me...
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    Never have personally, but ......

    One night back in high school I was hanging out over at a friends house pretty late at night. His younger brother had been in bed for hours so we were pretty surprised when he comes walking out into the living room with a very weird look on his face. We were even more surprised when he went into the kitchen, opens the fridge door, and proceeded to "relieve" himself, and then went right back to bed as if nothing happened. This kid was probably 13 at the time and he didn't remember anything the next day, but his mother sure didn't appreciate it. They took him to get help eventually because there were similar incidents with closets months later, and sometimes he would just go right out the front door and they would find him sleeping in the neighbors yard down the street.

    Very strange to say the least.

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    I sleep walk a fair amount actually. The other nite I woke up in the bathroom with no good reason for being there. A lot of the time, I sleep walk like it's time for me to get up and go to work and I usually make it to the point where I'm about to jump in the shower until i question what I'm doing and what time it is.

    When I was younger, it was worse. I once woke up, walked downstairs in our house, turned the TV up the whole way and laid down on the couch. My dad came and carried me back to bed and I didn't know a thing until I woke up the next morning.

    I also talk in my sleep. I have apparently told my brother that I was going to kill him while I was asleep. I didn't know it until the next morning.

    I have tons of stories, but I'll spare you. I just hope I never do anything bad because of it.

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    how do you know you don't sleepwalk when you posted this thread.
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    Because we're not idiots like you.

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    Originally posted by Govtcheez
    I once sleepwalked and woke up in my garage.
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    Heh, a friend of mine talks in his sleep. Someone told me i was talking in my sleep saying girls' names but i don't believe him -_-. Lol it was so funny with that friend ^^

    He said:
    'Felix felix, don't throw stones!'
    and i was like, wtf?
    And i asked:
    'Are you asleep...?'
    And he said:
    And the next day i inquered more and he told me he talked in his sleep. Next time i sleep at his place i'll ask him some more private questions >:] Becuase when you talk in your sleep, you always tell the truth if someones asks you something.
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    I talk a lot in my sleep but I don't sleepwalk.

    However, my girlfriend's brother does and it has caused problems in the past. They used to live in Ontario, Canada and he once sleepwalked out of the front door in his boxer shorts. It was the middle of winter and SERIOUSLY cold (it goes to like, -20 out there) so it was fortunate that his mum heard something and went to investigate.

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    Something that is also a bit relevant is that my 8 year old niece has what are called 'terror dreams'. Basically, she can be heard crying and when you go to see what's wrong she appears to be awake, sat up in bed with a petrified look on her face. It's instinctive to try and comfort her but this often makes it worse. She is asleep and having a nightmare and she doesn't know who you are (even her own mum) so your presence can make the nightmare seem all the more real. Once she did start walking round the house but that only happened that one time.

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    I was really tired one day, and me and my friend were watching TV. I fell asleep, and supposedly held a 5-10 minute conversation with him. That's scary - who knows what personal information I might have given out ?
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    Originally posted by Felix
    Becuase when you talk in your sleep, you always tell the truth if someones asks you something.
    where do you get such info Felix? I've never heard of people speaking only truth when sleep talking. Personally when I talk in my sleep I talk a lot of girlfriend recorded it for me once and it was really truly bizzare....I was explaining to someone how to take triple integrals, but what I was saying made absolutely no sense.

    My girlfriend also talks in her sleep, if you can really call it talking...she basically makes sounds. These sounds remind me of the way the characters in the game SIMS talk....its just like it.

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    Sounds like we could compile a very large and humourous book on our sleep related stories.

    I talk in my sleep sometimes, but rarely. I've never sleep walked. My friend talked in his sleep once and said "I'll have as many wives as I wanna have!" Which was interesting.

    I'd rather sleep walk that suffer from "Sleep Paralysis" This is when you awake and are parylised and also suffer hallucinations. 'They' believe this is when most people 'experience' seeing ghosts or being abducted by aliens.
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