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    This sucks. My high school has NO CS classes.
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    Originally posted by Lurker
    This sucks. My high school has NO CS classes.
    I know how you high school also didn't offer any CS classes when I was there.....but you can talk to your councelors if you can take a CS class in a community college that will transfer as a math credit or maybe an elective. My good friend did that in his high school; he took an intro c++ course at our community college and it was counted towards graduation credits in high school, and then as an intro class in the university he went to.

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    I am studying a lot of computer courses. But not specifically cs. Like Network Engineering and DTP. I like to study CS, but CS is very expensive.

    BTW u guy know the name of university that give Network+ exam in London??

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    I have finished intro to computer science, it was somewhat boring to me(as in, I could of just bought the textbook and read it and would have been finished in 4 weeks if I read it fast enough). I however did like the prof. as he used to work for NASA so it was fun talking about some of the crap that goes on there. I have a C++ class this coming semester, which I am taking cause you can't CLEP out of it unfortunately so while I am beyond it, I have to do it. I hopefully can get through college before they decide to go with JAVA as the tought language(this is one part of computer science I disagree with, the stupid prof. in trying to progress to natural language systems use stupid bloated languages like JAVA).

    I am seriously thinking about busting my ass off, getting in some needed courses, and transfering to caltech,mit, drexel, or another one of the more prestigious colleges. My advantage with MIT is that I am a very good test taker, and my family actually is pretty darn good friends with a aeronautical engineering MIT PhD laureate(however, the odds of getting in are slim still as MIT turns down alot of people).

    i am rambling on off-topic, so I close my post here.

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    Yeah, MIT is really rough. The once rejected a valedictorian from my high school.

    Drexel is a very nice place, though. Philly rocks, too. I'd love to see ya come here :-)

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