Thread: Black Rectangles in Text Files

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    Black Rectangles in Text Files

    Long story short, I downloaded a C++ library, which had no platform specified, I'm using Windows XP. All the *.h files have those little black rectangles where there should be a Carriage Return/Line Feed, which I believe is a problem when transferring from Linux -> Windows.

    1) Is this going to be a problem in the library they're linked to as well?

    2) Can I / Do I need to go through the files and convert all the black rectangles?

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    If you know what conversion has to be made, why don't you do a simple find and replace?

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    > 1) Is this going to be a problem in the library they're linked to as well?
    Do you have the .cpp files for the library as well?

    Because if all you have is the .lib and .h files, you're onto a loser. Library files are much more specific to the environment for which they are built.
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    Open it with something like "Programmer's File Editor" and then re-save it as an ASCII text file.

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