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    My 3 roommates and I have a Ethernet LAN set up in our rented house. I'm running Windows ME and they're all running Windows 98. Two of the 98 machines are running just fine - they can see all the other computers on the network. My computer and one of the 98 machine can only see the other computers if we go into the network neighborhood and put it "\\Computer name".
    Sorry to go through the basics;

    1. They all have TCP/IP installed?

    2. Try giving each pc a discrete IP. For example pc1 -, pc2 -

    3. Make sure each pc has a seperate name and they are not conflicting. Control Panel->Network->Identification->Computer name.

    4. Try pinging each pc when they each have individual IPs. IE Dos-> "ping"

    5. Try load up Netbeui on each machine. Can you see each pc now?

    6. Make sure you give the network 5 mins after each change and keep refreshing Network Neighbourhood. Amazing what a little patience will do from time to time.

    er..... thats all I can think of right now.....

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    >Well it works if you belive downloading AIM will cause your hard drive to no longer function.

    Huh? ME works just peachy, thanks.


    5)Hmmm..... OK - NetBEUI - I'll try that.

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    >I'm running Windows ME



    Begone evil incarnation ! Thou shalt no longer torture the living.

    Hey Govt, I know it's not the solution you want to hear, but I would suggest you all switch to W2K or maybe XP. That has nothing to do with the problem at hand, but ME/98 are unstable and not very secure. They were fine when we had no choice and NT was not a gaming system, but with Win2K and DX8 out, that's no longer a problem. Give it a try, you can have both systems running parallel on one PC if you have enough HD space and don't want to try 2K without a running system as backup. You'll like it.

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