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Thread: highschool advice

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    Originally posted by adrianxw
    I hate it when I see parents pushing their kids to acheive their owns ends - "to be proud of him at dinner parties" and the like - makes me sick. My mother ruined my childhood by pushing and pushing me into finance as a career when all I was interested in was science.

    Eventually I rebelled, quit all but one economic exam and sat all my science exams - told her to ++++ off, and stop making my life a misery.

    Saw my mother in May this year - first time for 5+ years - I think finally she has started to get the idea of just how much I hated her for what she had done.

    Okay - not sport - but similar. Hell, there is no way I would play/do a sport if I wasn't getting anything out of it.

    Print this out and give it to your mother. Get her to PM me if she has questions. That makes me SO mad.
    Something tells me that she wouldn't give a flying hoot what you think .

    Tell your parents at a better time that you hate swimming and you're not going to do it anymore. Make it final. Say there's no discussion about it, and that there's no point in doing a sport that you hate.

    Or....just tell your coach you quit and pretend go to practice and whatever for your parents. Go get drunk with your friends instead, then come home and tell your parents that your coach gave you guys liquor for being so good. They won't make you go anymore.

    My parents forced me to play sports like that and that's why I refuse to do any through highschool, I think. I loved basketball, but my dad forced me to go even when I really loathed it, etc. He also forced me to go to every soccer thing, and God did I ever hate soccer.

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    >>> she wouldn't give a flying hoot what you think

    She might be interested to know that instead of a loving son with a glittering career and a cupboard full of sporting trophies she can point to when her friends are there, she risks ending up with an alienated stranger who hates her guts openly - ooooh, that doesn't look quite so good in front of the neighbours.
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    Here's the main reason they won't let me quit:

    They say they've put 7 years of time, effort, and money for me to swim, and now I owe it to them to keep swimming. They say, think about it like this: It's a challenge. Or think of it as you paying us off. You owe us x credits, and each time you go to practice you are paying off those credits.

    Bah, what stupid reasons...

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    I find that shocking. Absolutely obscene.
    Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity unto the dream.

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